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You probably want to live the American dream (or anyone else’s… so long as it brings in some wealth!) There’s a famous saying – TANSTAAFL – or for those who don’t know the basics of abbreviations “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!” What’s really amazing about those who talk this way is that they’re simply not that interested in sharing anything for nothing. Actually, kms auto there is a strange concept in the universe – the more one gives, the more one gets back. And nobody ever mentions money as being the only option here.

The creators of Google are millionaires (and more!) But how do they make their money? If only WE could know something about their thinking, dryer repair san diego maybe we too could make it big! For those – not in the know, you’ll probably know Google as a search engine. Things are just simple with Google. You want to find something on the Internet, so you type in and do a search. You can type anything you want (and you’ll probably get it!) You can find web entries, category entries, images, videos – anything! Then you finish up with Google by choosing your website from them and off you go venturing into the wide open spaces of cyberspace!

How could Google make so much money from this – you probably ask! When was the last time you paid Google for doing a search? Did they ever send you an invoice for the millions of searches you’ve done already?! So how are they making all their money?! outdoor living

Google must understand the real dynamics of what sharing is all about, and how to go about doing it right, so that those parting with their money will want to – because it’s beneficial for them to, 插花,花藝 and those who want to help those part with their money – also want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. They’re geniuses!

In 2000, Google set up the most amazing program to benefit anyone interested in making money through the Internet. ANYONE can use it and ANYONE can literally make fortunes of wealth from it. The better you understand it, the faster you’ll be able to bring in a steady income for doing… nothing! Okay, not nothing entirely, but let’s fantasize for a moment:

Imagine adding to your blog or website on a regular basis. You love writing about… whatever it is you love writing about! Every day you teach people all sorts of new things. You get to express yourself, others get to enjoy your writing, and you’re making millions from it – without anyone actually paying you… anyone except for Google that is!

Here’s how they work. They have a program known as AdSense. They have the flip-side of this which is called AdWords – which we’ll learn more about in a later article. AdSense makes sense. AdSense makes cents. AdSense adds cents (and sense!) In fact, 生意頂讓 it even adds dollars!

Advertising for others and helping them is your surest way of bringing in an income for yourself. Think of it like this. If you are able to help another make a sale – he’ll be happy. He’ll then pay you for your help. You didn’t even need a product! You simply told someone about someone else’s product; they bought it, and Mr. Seller signs a check to give you some commission for all the great work done!

You’ve probably seen AdSense on every single web page or blog page you’ve visited, but have you paid attention to how it actually works?

It’s simple. Lets call Mr Advertiser – “John”! Now, John wants to sell his latest electric car that he’s recently made up. Well, he feels that he needs to show everyone the benefits of it and doing so in the space of a few textual lines won’t help much (he’s probably right!) So he sets up a web page devoted to show how his electric car works. He’s got pictures on his site, fancy name videos, musical videos (to get you all excited!) lots of information, prices and of course big “BUY ME” buttons all over the page. Once you’ll click there and enter your credit card info, John will check his Paypal (discussed in a previously published article) with a HUGE amount in it, and get so excited that he’ll now send the car express mail to your home!

Okay, but John’s page isn’t so well known. Actually he’d like the entire world to know about it! Everyone knows Google, so if he can just buddy buddy up with Google, he’ll get the whole world informed about his website and his car! So what he does first is to set up some really good adverts (which he designs in Adwords). He calls his ad “Electric Car” and then writes underneath this “Car that runs on electricity.” On the second line he says “Woohooo!!! Buy it here!” Then there’s a link that takes one directly to his site – or alternatively you can just click on the advert and be “transported” (without gas or electricity, save for that being used by your laptop) to his page. There you’ll pick up an electric car for the special of just 2 million dollars – terrific!

Imagine that all this takes place by John having to pay only some 40 American cents (or less?) Actually it does! This is AdSense.

Your job is to put his advert on your web page or blog. Don’t worry, silentdiscopamp Google does all the hard work and you just put in the given code.

The short of it is like this: You’re going to register with AdSense. After that, you’ll be able to put some code onto your web page or blog page. Google will automatically choose the adverts that go onto your page for you. They’ll be related to the content on your page. So if you’re talking about dancing… you’ll probably get adverts dealing with dancing teachers, dancing moves, dancing videos – everything dancing. And so on.

Here’s the great part now. People who are reading your page (which is about dancing of course!) will be interested in… DANCING! So they’ll be checking out the rest of your page for anything they can see about dancing. They’ll see a few of the terrific adverts you’ve worked so hard to put up. One will direct them to a page to learn about dancing, another to find dancing teachers etc. as above. Then comes the good news. They’re going to click on it to be taken to that page – and here’s where Google AdSense kicks in!

You’re going to receive some extra bonus spending pocket money for all your hard work. Once a person clicks on that small advert, you’ll be paid anywhere from 20 American cents to perhaps even 40 or 50 cents. (This is all dependent upon complex programming by Google, and can only be understood through a lot more learning than a short article like this!) Now… everyone gets happy. You see, Mrs Dancing Teacher really wants you to see her page, so she has already registered with Google and paid them for this advert. In fact, she may have paid them a dollar for each time the advert is clicked upon. What’s a dollar, if she can get you to order her latest $500 fancy dance moves video?! Google are happy because they got the $1 already from the dance teacher, and because you’ve helped, Google wants you to share in the profit, so they give you some 30 cents or the like. There you go, everyone is happy and everyone wins!

In summary, that’s how many sites are able to continue without any payment at all. It’s called advertising, and the sponsors are to be thanked for all their help. They feel that these pages are really helping them generate business. And of course, those using these facilities are grateful for their terrific work that they do too. So one puts up their advert and hope and pray that others will want to learn more about their things – which they often do want! Once they do, we all win, and through these advertisers supporting those using AdSense, they can continue to publish even more of the things they enjoy writing about. Of course, there are not just a few experts out there using AdSense. Practically every web page does today. And we all do it to help each other. Naturally, clicking on the adverts for no purpose is theft, as is doing so just for the sake of helping your buddy bring in a few extra bob. By the way, don’t think you can click on your adverts on the page. Once Google sees you’re doing this (just call them BIG BROTHER), they’ll simply cancel your account. You’ve got to be fair and honest (not only with Google, but with everyone else in the world as well!)

The main thing to be aware of is that you put your adverts up without expecting anything in return. You just go ahead and continue publishing on your fantastic web blog or web site.

If your content on your web site or blog is good – and it will keep people coming back for more, then of course, more people will be looking at the page regularly, and that means that more people will be viewing the adverts too. So the best way of increasing the hits through the AdSense adverts is to bring good content to your blog to encourage people to come back for more!

It’s a great deal and everybody wins. You can too! There’s much more to learn, and it’s really all quite fun and easy! This is really just an introduction. There are other ways to generate income through external adverts – Google AdSense is just one of them. In future articles, I hope to cover topics like selling others’ books on your site, or others’ shoes… or whatever. You’ll get 5% commission and even more on many. It all adds up and the more you get out there, the more likely you are to succeed. For more info please visit here:-

Let’s set up our Google AdSense and get an advert to get started:

1. Log in to

2. Click on “Sign up Now”

3. You’ll need to have set up your blog or website first…

4. Enter your web or blog address and fill in the remainder of the details. Make sure you enter the “payee name” exactly. You’ll be getting a check and you don’t want problems with the bank. Actually you can also set up your bank account directly with them and they will deposit the money directly into it!

5. Submit your information

6. DONE!

Once you’re registered you’ll be taken to an interface which will allow you to start designing your AdSense ads. Get some ideas by paying attention to how others use the AdSense adverts.

Good luck!

The great thing is the lesson learned from it all. Be open to helping others. When you help others, they’ll help you and everyone benefits. There really is never a need for jealousy. Kindness and cooperation with each other makes for far greater success than limitations, jealousy and envy of others.

Eliyahu Shear is focused on life growth. He has a background in computers, qualified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and is an A+ Hardware/Software technician. He is a keen photographer, working professionally in wedding and event photography as well as selling his images online and offline. Images include nature, scenes and a variety of blended images depicting the beauty of the world. Eliyahu is also a qualified orthodox Rabbi who spends most of his time involved in learning and teaching the beautiful values of the Jewish religion. He believes in a balanced approach, one where one understands the importance of focusing on the far higher and lofty goals of connecting with one’s true self and bringing goodness and kindness to the world – though also understanding the opportunities the world presents in other areas as well. Understanding the importance of using wealth correctly is as important as growing and working on oneself to improve one’s relations with oneself and others and the Creator of the universe.


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