The Lasting Beauty of Fisherman’s Wharf

The world renowned Fisherman’s Wharf can be found in San Francisco. Every tourist who visits San Francisco needs to make sure that Fisherman’s Wharf is part of their itinerary. Fisherman’s Wharf is not only known for its history but likewise it is also a very famous destination.This was previously a hot spot for local fishermen and until now it is one of the best places to catch tasty and big crabs.

Fisherman’s Wharf acquired its name during the Gold Rush when an Italian emigrant had moved in the area and started casting a line for Dungeness Crab. Up until now the place used to be the home of San Francisco’s fishing fleet. Even as the years have passed Fisherman’s Wharf still retains its heritage as the home of fishermen and their fleets.

Because of its reputation as a fisherman’s haven it has become legendary for its wide array of delectable seafood and famous Dungeness Crab. Many tourists keep coming back for year after year for the incredible fresh seafood. One of the exciting occasions at Fisherman’s Wharf is the beginning of crab season that occurs every November. During this period you will find visitors and locals alike waiting for the Dungeness crab to be offloaded from the boats. The crab season and resulting festivities can last up to the end of November and sometimes even the following months.

Additionally, forbes there are several San Francisco Hotels near the vicinity of Fisherman’s Wharf where guests can rest comfortably following their taking in the sights. Tourists will find these San Francisco Hotels relaxing and people there are really pleasant and accommodating.

In Fisherman’s Wharf you will undoubtedly find many tourist attractions to take advantage of. Spots like Ghirardelli Square, Forbes Island and Cannery Shopping Center and also Pier 39, home4cloud just to name a few. Day-trippers must not overlook the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, where they can see a collection of bizarre and out of this world artifacts and photos that will amaze visitors. San Francisco has also become a forerunner in the U.S. providing eco-friendly hotels and resorts which accommodate the many tourists.

A ‘must see’ when visiting San Francisco is the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf. The founder of this museum is Thomas Fong, and he opened the museum to the general public in 1963. There are about two hundred and fifty wax images of individuals from all over the world. One of which is King Tut’s Magnificent Tomb, which can only be found at this museum. Another point of interest at the museum includes Palace of Living Arts where famous artists show off their art pieces. Hall of Religion, Sports and History, Chambers of Horror and the surprising walkway which is a maze you work your way through are among some of the other interesting exhibits displayed in the museum. Obviously a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf would not be complete without frequenting one of the many excellent dining establishments that are guaranteed to make even the least hungry tourists’ mouth water. Alioto’s #8 and Pompeii’s are two of the more popular restaurants at Fisherman’s Wharf. Both locations have been run by the same family for more than three generations.


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