Clone Trooper Costumes

Clone trooper costumes are very popular among children. These outfits let them become a part of the Grand Army of the Republic. Clone troopers in the Grand Army were created ten years before the Clone wars and they made up the Grand Army. Clone troopers costumes are made up of high quality polyester material and they are almost entirely covered with armor pieces that are produced with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate rubber. These armor pieces are lightweight and they include shoulder armor flaps, shin guards and chest armor.

Clone trooper costumes for children are available in three sizes- small, medium and large. They include jumpsuit, belt and helmet. The jumpsuit has a back Velcro closure and body armor. The helmet and jumpsuit are painted with authentic details, so you’re your child can have more fun. You can gift this costume to your son and can bring a broad smile on his face. You should be careful while cleaning this costume. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and avoid washing, ironing, dry cleaning or bleaching. These costumes allow better ventilation, so that your child feels more comfortable while wearing.

You can choose the Clone trooper costumes that include a character face mask to make your son a leader of the legion. This face mask comes with an elastic strap so that you can adjust around the back easily. The jumpsuit has paneling detail that offers a real Star Wars armor like appearance. You can buy toy weapons separately for your son and invite his friends to dress as various Star Wars characters for a themed group costume.

Clone troopers adult costumes are available for adults as well. You can opt for standard size or X-large size. The costume set includes bodysuit, EVA plastic armor and mask or helmet. The armor is available in blue and white color to offer the appearance of the loyal soldiers of the republic. The helmet is a two piece item made up of durable PVC plastic. You can wash this costume by hand in cold water. The mask is made up of 100% PVC and it has T-shaped visor that allows you to see clearly. For more details please visit these sites:-

The Clone trooper costumes come in deluxe and standard versions for adults. The standard size costume comes with 44″ chest, 30″ torso, 42″ waist and 64″ jumpsuit length and the x-large size is available with 47″ chest, 31″ torso, 44″ waist and 65 1/2″ jumpsuit length . Deluxe clone trooper costumes have several detailed features, for you to have loads of fun.

You can buy Clone trooper costume even for your infant or toddler. This costume consists of a soft, comfortable jumpsuit that is made up of 100% polyester. It has black and blue accents that offer realistic appearance. The jumpsuit is designed with long sleeves and Velcro for easy movement. This set comes with a matching headpiece that appears almost like a helmet.

You can order for standard or deluxe costumes easily online. If you desire, you can order for the mask separately. The mask is available in one size that fits almost all children. You can wash by hand and dry it thoroughly in air.



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