The Power of Affirming “I Am Healed”

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything and love is all there is. – Gary Zukav

A number of years after my father died I heard that the lungs are where grief is held. When I heard this it helped to explain the following experience I had.

While my father was in the last couple of weeks of his life , bunnydirectories I contracted a lung infection. I had never had one before and it made me realise just how much stress I was going through. It took quite some time to clear the infection, but every now and again it would return.

While I was visiting Medjugorje in 2001, on a peace pilgrimage, the infection came back again, and I really wanted to clear it up once and for all. One morning at breakfast, I spoke to a member of the group.

“Do you know if anyone in the group knows reiki or similar, which could help to clear a lung infection?”
“Yes, Linda does, and she’s a good healer,” she replied.
“Excellent, thanks,” I said.

After breakfast I went to St James Church in Medjugorje, dipped my hand in holy water and affirmed, ‘I am healed’! Every time I thought of the infection, I affirmed, ‘I am healed’. Truthfully I didn’t know if it would make any difference, but I kept affirming, ‘I am healed’, and decided to believe it. What happened over the next few days was absolutely incredible – it was as though this affirmation had set off a series of events that would ensure that I was truly healed!

We were travelling to Split Airport in Croatia that day to get a flight to Rome. Two buses arrived to take us, and a large coach and a minibus. I got into the minibus.

One of the ladies on the bus knew numerology and decided to offer an analysis to everyone. What she said to me really resonated and made a lot of sense about my life at that time. In fact it resonated with me so much I asked her to repeat it a number of times. It related to making sure there was balance in my life between my own needs, family needs and career needs.

After travelling for about four hours we took a break at a beautiful resort called Makarska. The sea was so beautiful that a number of us went for a swim and relaxed on the beach for a while. When I returned to the minibus the numerology lady had gone and her place had been taken by Linda, the girl who knew reiki!

What was even more amazing was that Linda had lost her parents and her sister in a car accident a few years previously. I really felt that if anyone could help me understand death it was Linda! She told me about the accident and what death meant to her. Her wisdom really helped me to understand my own father’s recent passing. I told her about my lung infection and she said infections in the lungs can be related to grieving.

That night we got a plane to Rome, Italy, as we were going to Assisi for the rest of the pilgrimage. Who ended up sitting beside me on the plane? Linda again! I guess we were destined to connect with each other.

As we were coming in to land I felt the lung infection acting up and giving me a heavy feeling in my head. She asked if I wanted some healing, and I said, yes. I took some deep breaths and entered a meditative state whilst she did her work.

We landed quite late and continued our journey by coach to Assisi. Even though we were all tired after the long day’s travelling an enthusiastic Italian tour guide decided to tell us all about St Francis and Assisi. To be honest, I think most people were too tired to listen. However, one thing he did say caught my interest. He said St Francis had originally being christened John (Giovanni) by his mother, but his father didn’t like the name and changed it to Francis (Francesco). I thought that was interesting, as my dad’s name was John and my older brother’s name is Francis. For more info please visit these sites:-

The next morning I was at breakfast, and really felt emotional and quite exhausted. I wasn’t sure what was going on and really didn’t want to go sightseeing with the group. Initially I went with them anyway. As I stood with them, one lady from our group came over and spoke to me.

“Do you mind me saying something to you, Sean?” “Of course not,” I replied. “When I was looking over in your direction at breakfast time, I could see an image behind you, as though someone was standing behind you, even though there was no one there. It was a white figure. Do you know what it was?” she asked. I immediately knew the answer. “It’s my dad!” I told her.

We continued our bit of sightseeing into the tomb of St Francis of Assisi. I was still feeling quite emotional and unsettled. As we stepped down into the tomb a heavenly energy surrounded us; it was so strong you could actually hear its vibration. I hadn’t ever experienced such a strong divine energy before. I could feel a pulsing as if it was going right through me. Many of the group were immediately moved to tears.

The tomb was a small chapel with an altar and pews. People were coming and going, and most were being quite respectful by maintaining silence. I was in awe of it all. I sat down in one of the pews to be totally present in this heavenly place. Many thoughts began to arise, in particular, thoughts concerning one of my brothers, Francis. Over the years we had had some issues and I felt this need, almost a divine message, to resolve them. What can I do here? I wondered. Phone him? No, that didn’t feel right. What about writing him a letter? Yes, I’ll get my thoughts and feelings down on paper.

The rest of the group were moving on and I decided to stay. I took out a pen and paper, and began to w


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