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In tennis, and in other sports, there is a process that takes place and you have to go through it and allow it to happen.

You can’t force this process to happen either.

Just go with the flow of it and follow your intuition.

Your main goal, is to discover your authentic playing style for match play and in order for that to happen, you must allow the process to happen for you.

This all starts in practice by the way.

I’m at this point in my coaching career that, “I feel most players just don’t know how to practice”.

Players don’t leverage practice enough.

I’ll put it like this.

You need to be seeing results from your practice time and if you aren’t, then something is wrong.

You need to be bringing energy, passion and focus to every practice that you have.

This will then carry over into your match play.

But, it all starts in practice.

The process takes place, when you learn and start correcting your mental mistake in practice.

“Repetition and more repetition is needed, แทงบอลufabet and the reps will help you to develop a more all around solid tennis and mental game.”

Here are a few other things that I want you to do.

Meditate before practice.

The thing about meditation is, you have to focus on your breath.

You can do this at the side of the court too, เว็บคาสิโน also do it together with your team-mates and get all you guys in the flow!!

You guys can just sit there and focus on your breath for a while and release the stress that you have taken to the court.

After 5 minutes of this, you need to set your true intention like a laser on what you want to work on for that day, and use this time to get in tune with your practice goals.

Imagine yourself, having a GREAT practice.

Then start practice and stay focus during it!

Meditate one more time after practice.

This is where your real mental growth can take place for YOU.

Meditate one more time at the end of practice.

Quiet your mind and review how things went out there.

Don’t judge your workout though, the objective here is to, develop more self-awareness.

Focus on what you need to work on for the next day.

Here is a great mental hack for you too.

“Picture yourself doing it perfect tomorrow”.

Then record everything down in your journal.


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